Introducing the next evolution of Humidity and Temperature calibration chambers from Rotronic. 


                   Stand alone chamber requiring only local power supply

20 Litre (15 Litre working volume) cylindrical chamber - Forced air design

Customisable door and shelving - Custom bungs for 3rd party instruments or sampling lines

Simple interface and control - Touch screen controller with remote access via LAN

Control range -5...60°C and 2...99%RH 

Thermal gradients over full range < 0.1 °C

Temperature stability < 0.01°C

%RH stability < 0.1%RH

Weight 13 kg

                         Modelling thermal gradients in CFD

Example response times 

<15 mins (5 to 95%rh)

<15 minutes (ambient to 50°C)

<30 minutes (ambient to 0°C)

Control probe specification

±0.8%RH (23°C±5)  and  ±0.1°C (23°C±5) 

±1.5%RH (0…60 °C)  and  ±0.2°C (0…60°C)