What is the HygroGen2?

HygroGen2 with MBW reference mirror. Stability and Precision.

A reference generator for calibration of humidity and temperature instruments

• Generates stable humidity and temperature conditions
• Calibration solution for the laboratory and on-site
• Humidity equilibrium typically in 5 minutes
• Calibrate up to 6 probes simultaneously

• Can be used for virtually any manufacturers probes
• Built in programmer function allowing complete automation
• «AutoCal» (optional) automated calibration/adjustment suite
• Integrated touch screen PC with 9 USB ports

• Integrated FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant Rotronic HW4 software
• Designed and manufactured in Great Britain


CFD is used to ensure highest performance

CFD is used to ensure highest performance

Since its launch in 2004, HygroGen has defined the standard for portable humidity and temperature calibration systems. 

Hundreds of users worldwide have identified the HygroGen as the tool for rapid generation of stable temperature and humidity conditions, saving significant time performing calibrations and testing in many different applications. 

The HygroGen2 launched in 2010 is the second generation chamber from the HygroGen range designed and manufactured in the UK. The HygroGen2 has been developed utilising the latest computational fluid dynamics design and development methodologies. Combined with advanced humidification and drying processes the HygroGen2 is capable of generating highly stable temperature and humidity conditions extremely rapidly.

The HygroGen2's latest features are further expanding its range of application;
• Control ranges now cover -5...60degC and 2...98%rh
• Remote connectivity is now possible via a suitable web enabled devices
• Autocal suite enables automated calibration, adjustment and certificate generation for Rotronic devices
MBW chilled mirror integration is further driving down calibration uncertainties
Rear port connections allow the HygroGen2 to deliver to controlled dew point gas to external spaces

Technical Specifications

HygroGen2 Specifications
SensorHygroClip-S Capacitive %rh sensor pt100 temperature sensor
ControllerEmbedded multiple input PID controller, touch screen graphical user interface

Control SpecificationsRelative HumidityTemperature
Range5…95 %RH (2...99 %RH with range extension option)0…60 °C (-5...60 °C with range extension option)
Stability at equilibrium<0.1 %RH<0.02 °C
Chamber temperature gradients<0.05 °C (15…50 °C), <0.1 °C (5…60 °C), ±0.15 °C at 0 °C
Generation methodMixed flow with desiccant dryer cell and piezoelectric humidifierPeltier thermoelectric element with radial chamber mixing fan

Performance SpecificationsRelative HumidityTemperature
Response time3 mins (35 to 80%RH change)5 mins (20 to 30°C change)
Control probe specification±0.8%RH (23°C±5) ±1.5%RH (0…60 °C)±0.1°C(23°C±5) ±0.2°C(0…60°C)
Typical calibration uncertainty±1.5 %RH (k=2) at 23 °C±0.15 °C (k=2) 15…50 °C