Temperature and Humidity Range Extensions

Low Temperature and Humidity Range Extensions extend the limits of points that can be set on the instrument, creating chamber conditions down to -5°C and from 2%rh up to 99%rh.

AutoCal allows you to pre-program a series of set-points and times, and record the instrument‘s progression through them in a PDF Calibration Certificate which is written to an external USB disk drive. Any values recorded on ROTRONIC HygroClip probes attached to the HygroGen2 via USB adaptors are recorded in the certificate. Probes can be set to automatically adjust to match the HygroGen2 reference probe at predetermined values.



AutoCal+ (External Reference) extends the functionality of AutoCal, by integrating MBW/RHS chilled mirror hygrometers (supplied separately) as the external reference.

Remote Control gives the ability to remotely control the HygroGen2 over a network. As part of this, there is a dial-back function so that ROTRONIC support personnel can log onto the instrument to offer support. Support is limited to the settings of the HG2-S, the unit may require a service that can only be carried out by trained personnel.

Remote Control