AwTherm - Water Activity at Stabilised Temperature

Utilising HygroGen Technology to advance Water Activity Measurement


Precision control delivering precision measurements

  • Highly stable temperature control

  • Minimal temperature gradients

  • Rapid stabilisation

  • Small and large sample capacity (14mm & 40mm)

  • Fast predictive measurement with AW-Quick

  • Optional CFR compliant HW4 software

  • Sleek design and user friendly interface

  • Outstanding accuracy and repeatability with Rotronic Hygromer-IN1 sensor

  • Removable measurement head for calibration purposes

  • Development underpinned by over 50 years of measurement experience

  • Supported and distributed by the global Rotronic network


Interested in Water Activity? Visit our Theory and Practise Section which includes presentations on ;

  • Introducing water activity 

  • Sample preparation guidance

  • Measurement best practise