Rotronic Instruments UK Ltd is the UK wholly owned subsidiary of Rotronic AG. We specialise in temperature, humidity, dew point, CO2 and differential pressure measurement and instrumentation.

We have a UKAS accredited laboratory for Temperature, Relative Humidity and Dew Point. In addition, utilising the years of unique experiences and expertise we also offer consultancy and training to the wider industry.

Our HQ Rotronic AG was founded in 1965. It is privately owned, and is managed by the Schroff family.

Rotronic has been manufacturing humidity measuring devices since 1967, and this is the line of business with the most pronounced international orientation. Rotronic measuring devices are in use in the most varied of sectors. The in-house developed humidity sensors in the Hygromer series are the obvious choice wherever exact measurement of humidity and temperature are of vital importance: in the foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries, in the print and paper sector, in meteorology and agriculture, in drying processes, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and many other applications. Measurement transducers Data loggers Meteo-sensors Hand-held meters. Rotronic customers not only rely on sophisticated sensor technology, but have access to a global sales network, and with an officially accredited SCS Calibration Lab, our standards of quality are at a permanently high level.